The Announcement

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I, just want to take the time out and thank you all for following me on my journey, as I have shared some of the most private details in my life, in which I have just come to grips in sharing with the public. My life has been met with many obstacles, trials and tribulations, defeats and victories, but at the end of it all, it has been a learning experience and a motivating factor in helping me to strive for the best for my latter self, and most importantly my children. “Life is short and you only have one to live”, is one of the most frequently used adages that is becoming quite popular now, as us once high school kids, are now pushing our early to middle thirties and some of us are parents.

My stories that I have shared with you have provided three purposes. The first purpose was an outlet for me. As mentioned earlier it has been hard for me to come to grips in sharing my stories. I have given you all a piece of me by allowing you into my heart, mind, and soul. The second purpose of me sharing my stories with you is in hopes of being some one’s strength to draw from. To let anyone, know that if they have been or are going through the same struggles in which I have shared from my stories that they are not alone. If someone can read my life experiences that I have shared and use it as a sense of motivation, a driving force in their life to know that through the storm there lies a rainbow, I felt I have done my purpose. The events that I have shared with you has only been a sneak peek into my life. There is much more that I have finally found the strength in sharing.

The third and final purpose of my blogs were stepping stones in getting me to be able to write and release a book detailing the events of my life. I felt that in writing short stories about my life and opening myself up a bit at a time free from judgement, that I would share my life’s story in its entirety up till the present point.

If you have been following my blogs I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart in instilling the confidence in me, and being my motivation and driving factor to help others. I will keep you posted on the release date of the book, and I can only ask of you to continue to support me in purchasing my memoirs so I may continue to support you and others as well.



Shante Richardson

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