Domestic Violence

Shante' Lovely

Abuse Against Women.

Woman abuse is one of the worst (but most common) forms of abuse in our society. Abuse against women can happen in 2 ways: physical and mental: and both are just as damaging.

Men who abuse women do so in order to assert their authority over her. Their goal is to maintain power, dominance and to scare, humiliate or intimidate their victim. Woman abuse can happen in any household, from any socioeconomic background. Even though it is rare for the abuse to be a single occurrence, it is usually followed by a pattern of abusive behavior and escalates in frequency and severity.

So, what are the signs of woman abuse? Many women often have difficulty knowing whether or not they are in an abusive relationship or not. Very often, you can tell if you are in an abusive relationship if your partner is constantly monitoring what you…

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