Domestic Violence Awareness…

Awareness of Domestic Violence. 

According to the National Network to End Domestic Violence, in 2015 approximately 4,000 women died as a result of domestic violence in the United States. In addition, around 3 women die every day because domestic violence.

 Sadly, domestic violence continues to be a subject that is spoken about in hushed tones and is largely a taboo subject in the media. Why then, with so many domestic violence victims, are we continuing to allow this to be an ignored topic when it is so obvious that it needs to be talked about and addressed?

 It is the responsibility of every person in society to speak out against the scourge of domestic violence as this affects women from every walk of life including young girls, older women, LGBT, native women, women with disabilities, indigenous women and more. It is a poor reflection upon on our current society when we tolerate such injustices.

 When one considers that about three quarters of domestic abuse related deaths result due to the women trying to leave her partner and the abusive relationship (this information courtesy of the Domestic Abuse Shelter), it brings home the fact how crucial it is never to accept abusive or violent behavior from a partner – no matter how forgiving they are – and to leave the relationship as soon as you can.

 Experiencing domestic violence leaves a traumatic and devastating impact on the lives of all those affected. The home of those involved is no longer a sanctuary but a place of perpetual fear, anxiety and insecurity.

 Too many women, children and entire families in our communities are currently being affected by domestic violence. By spreading the word and educating the community about domestic violence, what healthy relationships consist of and providing support for those affected by domestic violence, we will be in a position to prevent this terrible scourge.
Shante Lovely

I’ve been that victim. I stayed for certain reasons. Waking up each day with the bitter taste of Hell in my mouth. Wishing each day things would be different, no fighting and no arguing. I was wrong. There was no wishing and hoping for someone else to change. I had to make that change. I packed my newborn baby up and headed out. 19 years old and on the road running from an abuser. My mission was to be free. 15 years later I’ve been free. Free of my abuser and abuse period for 15 years and counting. 

#bravery #strength #motivation #purpose. 


6 thoughts on “Domestic Violence Awareness…

  1. Thank you for so bravely sharing your story and highlighting a real problem in societies around the world!! May we better respect and protect each other! Thank you again for sharing 😊

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays


  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    This is an issue near and dear to my heart! I have known too many individuals – mainly women BUT also men – who have lived in extremely abusive and fowl circumstances. I 💕 the way this blogger not only highlights the issue but how she bravely shares her own story – and I wanted to share it here on my blog. If you have a story about how you escaped abuse I would invite you to share, hopefully as we do so we will expand our support groups and strengthen our community’s against abuse!


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