The age-old question; “Why do people cheat?”, followed by “If a person needs to cheat, why don’t they just get out of the relationship?” Truth is there is no type of answer or explanation that will completely justify a cheater or infidelity. Doesn’t matter if it’s in a marriage or just a regular relationship. Sure, there are theories, explanations, reasoning’s, or circumstances that someone can give you, but at the end of the day the two questions mentioned above will always be referenced. Some people cheat because they feel that they aren’t getting enough attention or the right amount of attention from their significant other. Some people cheat because they enjoy the thrill of, well cheating. Some people cheat because they are trying to salvage their significant others emotions and feelings. Some are just scared to breakup, while others may not have the financial means in order to break up. Some also cheat as means of mental and psychological abuse, and control towards their partner. Some individuals cheat with no explanation at all. Regardless of the explanation that can, will, or has been given, no explanation will ever be good enough to justify infidelity to society let alone to the significant other.

Infidelity, is a hard thing to try and overcome. It has no bounds and it has no side. You can either be the person trying to get over the infidelity (the forgiver), or you can be the person that is trying to make up for the infidelity (the cheater). Regardless of what side of the infidelity fence that you are on, there is still a big boulder to push up an even steeper hill. Some couples are able to get over the infidelity, but as many people have said that have cheated on, they will never forget the pain, and the heartburn and headache in which the infidelity caused. Infidelity also can/will cause a loss of trust when it comes to the relationship. As the old adage states “I can forgive, but I just can’t forget”.

“Thou shall not commit adultery”, “Thou shall not covet they neighbors wife”, two verses that speak mainly on infidelity, while there are a host of other verses in the bible that point to the same. Infidelity is a matter that has always been taking seriously and has always been looked at in a negative light. Hence why I used the two bible verses to support that claim. I do agree that it is a negative and bad thing to do to someone, and also to do to yourself. It can be even worse if they’re kids. A relationship/marriage can be stopped or ruined dead in its tracks. Like a car running into a brick wall. Some people can handle multiple acts of cheating while others are “one and done”. Infidelity can ruin a fresh 1 year relationship/marriage, and it can also ruin a 50 year old relationship/marriage. The best advice that I feel I could give couples in a relationship albeit a straight conventional relationship or a same sex relationship would be to communicate. Communication is key in any successful relationship, but it can be extremely important for one of the members in the relationship to voice any concerns that they may have in order to avoid infidelity. Cheating is never the right choice or the right answer, unless it is a mutual thing between both parties, then it is not technically considered cheating. I do feel that if you must cheat, or if you have the urge to cheat you need to speak with your partner and just end the relationship. It may hurt and more than likely it will, but it will be better for both parties.


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