The Takeaway!!

Do you know what you took from me? There is something about a man’s pride that holds firm to nothing more than the tightest clove hitch knot and can’t be loosened up by a fast riding sporty vehicle. A man will go to the moon and back if he feels his pride will be altered. You see, the word pride means a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements. The achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. See to a man having his pride in tact brings joy, delight, gratification, fulfillment and the greatest satisfaction. The word “pride” means more to them than it will any other species. Now, another word that makes up a man is “ego”. You see, ego means a person’s sense of self- esteem or self- importance. These two words for men “pride” and “ego is what keeps a good man in- tact.

I once broke a man by destroying these two words that I never knew meant so much. I never knew these words and their meanings, their purpose had anything to do with my relationship and or my marriage. I ended up losing my husband, not completely, but, he walked away to take a break from what he seen as the destroyer. I was the takeaway. I took something’s from him that weren’t financial. I broke him as a man by not stroking and supporting the two words “pride” and “ego”.

You see, a man needs to feel self- worth. He needs to know that all of his efforts is being appreciated, wanted and needed from whom ever he is with. A man doesn’t just wake up every morning and put on his best suit and prepare for this world with full force to not come home and have someone say “babe you sure looked good taking on the world” or “babe, while you were out running things I thought of you and thank you for all you do”. Men don’t want much. They want that fix. That stroke.

I met a woman that called herself “pride and ego”. She was the mistress of love. She knew all of the right things to say. She wasn’t the prettiest woman but no man cared about that. She took in broken men. She knew how to care for them, build them back up and send that back on their way. She was the fixer. The men took to her like air. She was needed in so many ways. Not for beauty and not connection. She was their muscle builder, their protein to life again. She stroked their ego. She lifted their pride. She made them feel whole again, needed as a man. Now don’t get me wrong when a man is broken and the fixer is healing there will be sexual contact but not for love, not for connection. The mistress of love will put the puzzle pieces back together, the pieces of p-r-i-d-e and e-g-o. Once that man is healed he is free to go his own way. The mistress of love doesn’t connect she doesn’t love another she only heals and sends them on their way.

You will never know the story. You will never know the pain. If you are the takeaway you will only know the strain from your torn apart love.



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