Coming of Age!

Coming Of Age

The end of the school year in the military wasn’t something compelling and could bring about big changes for kids, and some of those changes involved loss or dramatic separation. At the end of the session in the military school, Dan and Stan were close buddies and Dan had always wanted to be a lieutenant while Stan dreamed to be a General. Both aspiring and highly great. They both had that one friend who always acted weird and wouldn’t want to join in with any conversation and because of that, he was nicknamed as “Boring”. Dan and Stan two had two female friends who were of good tidings and character. They were always calm and depended on their parents.

Before the end of the school session, the school held graduation. The Ceremony was always a huge turn out and it was fun and every parent came for their child award of passing on that special day. “Hey Stan, what big plans do you have after now?” Dan asked his close buddy Stan. “Well, I think I will just have to go shopping with my parents and thereafter I will go play and see some movies.” “What about you?” Stan asked Dan, “Well that looks to be a good Idea”. After the Graduation, they both gave a farewell to their friends including the “Boring” guy they barely spoke to and their female friends. All the kids went home and parted from one another. For some children, having a close school buddy assigned to a different classroom can be upsetting. That was what “Boring” was to them “Different”.

20 years later, Dan was actually in love with Stephanie one of the girls he knew in school, but because he gained a commission into the Airforce, he decided to break up the relationship because he felt she wasn’t good enough to be his girlfriend. He felt that she couldn’t compliment his new status in the Airforce. She was devastated and her heart was broken and that made her feel really bad. Now she will have to live with her parents and wait for the right person to be with.

Checking into their new squadron in the Air Force, Dan and Stan were on their way in conducting the mandatory face to face meeting with the squadron Commanding Officer. As they were waiting outside of the CO’s office they thought amongst themselves, about who their new CO would be. As the door to the CO’s office opened, their heads turned and they were in total shock in seeing who it was. “Hey Dan, are you seeing what I am seeing?” Stan asked Dan as he was trying to clear the fog in his mind and try to pave a clearer view to see who the figure was that has been waiting for their coming. “I can’t believe this, isn’t this “boring” from back in the academy? The kid we both grew up with? They were both extremely surprised and gave him the utmost respect, not because it was protocol, or military rules to do so, but also because they felt as if he deserved the respect.

Meanwhile, they girls are still living with their parents and were just waiting for the right time to get married. Until then Boring who is the owner of the air force military saw Stephanie and decided to get married to her. But before then, he decided to place a lieutenant to guard her and keep her safe and so Dan was appointed as he was the lieutenant why Stan became their chief general in command. When Dan discovered who he is to protect, he was shocked to see that it was Stephanie and she told dummy, ”Hey, dummy, I don’t think your lieutenant you place to protect me is good enough for me”. And that was how Dan failed his first assignment and the job was given to someone else.

Moral of the Story: “Don’t underestimate your fellow peers because you never know what tomorrow will hold”.


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