Think like a MAN, Deal with it like a WOMAN..

So if you like what you read, be sure to leave comments so I can finish the manuscript. Thinking of keeping this one “writing” as a wordpress novel only.

It was the unthinkable, I woke up to begin my day only to fall right back into bed because my heart was just not into it. How can someone you love and trust for over twelve years hurt you so bad? I use to listen to women say that their husbands were dogs and that they cheated with no legitimate reason at all. The whole time I couldn’t imagine that happening to me and I would intend to change the subject, to turn a blind side to what was truly happening to eighty percent of most marriages in this world.

The days passed by slowly and I stopped doing the things that the kids expected of me, like being there. My sole being had changed, I was devastated and losing my focus in life. My husband had left me for another woman, several other women. I couldn’t handle the feeling of being replaced by another woman who I didn’t know anything about. Was she thinner than I? Did she have more potential than I? Was she prettier than I? Did she touch him better than I? Was he attracted to her brain more so than mine? These questions wrapped around my brain tighter than a sports bra and I had weakened myself and refused to move from my bed and wipe my tears until I could wrap my brain around the understanding of this situation.

What’s Next? Comment and let me know what you think. I will add the next part after a few more followers.



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