What does it mean to be normal? Who said being normal had a specific type?

I’m just out here in this world wondering why no one can understand my pain and my frustrations. The voices in my head tell me that you’re looking at me wrong, that I may have to confront you and or hurt you. “I’m just Hopeless”

Today is a new day! I’m going to get up and shine beyond my brightest vision. I’m going to get dressed and put on my make up and look like the Diva that I think I am. I plan on taking the most selfies that I can possibly take and I’m going to get my best side. I’m feeling ugly. “I’m just Hopeless”

Excuse me, I’m confused I thought I heard you say something to me. “No Ma’am”

I want to work, I want to go on dates, I love the movies, I don’t mind loving you, I want to be happy, I want to get some sleep, I want to never worry as much, I love traveling, I need to feel comfortable being me and I’m looking forward to being the best of me. “I’m just Hopeless”

In the mind of someone suffering from “Bipolar Disorder” you will recognize the signs of many episodes and even manic attacks. I try my hardest to control me, but what controls my disorder the most is not being to control the minds of others. “I’m just Hopeless”

Hopeless: The feeling of emptiness.

I know for a fact I’m not empty but my Mental Disability will not let me think otherwise. I could have the richest, the white fence, the big house, the family and the best husband in the world and in the end of it. “I’m just Hopeless”

#Pills set me free….

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