Domestic Violence

Abuse Against Women.


Woman abuse is one of the worst (but most common) forms of abuse in our society. Abuse against women can happen in 2 ways: physical and mental: and both are just as damaging.

Men who abuse women do so in order to assert their authority over her. Their goal is to maintain power, dominance and to scare, humiliate or intimidate their victim. Woman abuse can happen in any household, from any socioeconomic background. Even though it is rare for the abuse to be a single occurrence, it is usually followed by a pattern of abusive behavior and escalates in frequency and severity.

So, what are the signs of woman abuse? Many women often have difficulty knowing whether or not they are in an abusive relationship or not. Very often, you can tell if you are in an abusive relationship if your partner is constantly monitoring what you are doing, continuously accuses you of being unfaithful and often prevents you from seeing family or friends. Other signs include preventing you from working or going to school, becoming angry or violent when drunk and controlling your finances. If your partner controls your use of chronic medication, makes decisions on your clothing and food and humiliates you publicly, this is a sure sign of abuse.

Does your partner make decisions regarding your birth control, blame you for their violent outbursts or threaten to hurt themselves when they are angry with you? These are also signs of abuse.

Threatening to harm you, your children or your pets and actually hurting you is abuse. Forcing you to have sex against your will is abuse and rape.

If you are in an abusive relationship, you probably feel trapped and are hoping that your partner will change. Unfortunately, the most important thing right now is your safety and that of your children (if you have any). You therefore need to get out as soon as possible to safeguard your life.

Do not worry about what your partner will do to you if you leave as there are so many organizations that can keep you safe and get you the help you need.

Once you are in a safe place, it will take time to heal the wounds of your abuse but, with time, treatment and the loving support of friends and family, your scars will heal.


Thank You “AnnieMay”



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